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We are on a mission to Reach Neighbors and Reveal Christ to Make Disciples.

We hope that by understanding why and how our teams serve, that you could enjoy all the benefits, growth, and opportunity that comes with serving in the capacity you were made for. 
+ Help kids have fun, feel loved, and be happy during worship services

+ Build healthy relationships among the kids, teachers, and parents

+ Anticipate a great experience that keeps kids and parents coming back every weekend
led by
Karen Konetzni
+ Develop deep relationships with leaders and peers through trust and authenticity

+ Get encouraged and equipped to be be actively involved at Citizens Church

+ See life transformation through encountering Christ together
led by
Robbie Newton
+ Encounter the manifest presence of God

+ Realize and express the glory of God as we worship

+ Surrender their lives and priorities to God and his Kingdom
led by
Luis Acosta
+ Work together to bring out the best media solutions for the church

+ Enhance the worship service with quality stage and media solutions

+ Magnify God and remove hindrances for people to connect with Him
led by
Myron Mast
+ Partner with God in the spiritual realm to see his Kingdom on earth

+ Petition for other Citizens and our world for God’s will

+ Praise God for his excellencies and blessing in our midst
led by
Jason & Jill Fifield
+ Have an opportunity to share the love of God beyond this community

+ Be part of restoring the faith and hope of God’s people around the world

+Live outwardly to help those with needs greater than our own
led by
Jillian & Dereck Bermudez
+ Help kids know they are loved

Give hard working parents a much needed rest

Allow kids to have the best three hours of their month!
led by
Hannah Bentzel
+ Use their experience and talents to curate great spaces for Citizens

+ Develop excellent environments for maximum ministry potential

+ Build relationships while working together on fun projects
led by
Erin Lehr
+ Understanding of how the most mundane tasks support the greatest works

+Opportunity to develop foundational systems to support the church’s vision

+ A fun, collaborative way to make a difference behind the scenes
led by
Erin Lehr

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Whether it's greeting guests on Sundays, joining the worship team, or running a LOCAL Group, there are plenty of opportunities to serve and belong.
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