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Whether you're new or maybe you just missed a week and want to catch up on our latest message series. Below is an archive of recent messages at Citizens Church. When available, you can watch online, or download the MP3 to listen anytime. And if you want to check out the real thing in real life. We're here every Sunday at 5 PM!
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Small Things, Big Picture
Why We Worship
My Place in God's Plan (Guest Dave Cottrell)
Like Family - Beyond the Walls
Like Family - Blue Denim and Lace
Like Family - Spiritual Disciplines
Like Family - Wielding Authority
Plan A - Who Am I?
Plan A - Getting a Harvest of Love
Plan A - Now What?
Plan A - How It Works
Plan A - Follow
Power Through Prayer - Power In Us
Power Through Prayer - The Lord's Prayer
Easter Sunday
Power Through Prayer - The Purpose of Prayer
Unique - Unique Turnaround 
Unique - Unique Times
Unique - Collective Identity 
Unique - Uniquely Positioned 
Friends with Benefits - At The Hip
Friends with Benefits - Frenemies
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Friends with Benefits - Designed to Relate
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Why I Oughta - The Word
Why I Oughta - Pray
Why I Oughta - Take Authority
Silly Notions - Agree to Disagree
Silly Notions - You Be You
Silly Notions - Don't Be A Felix
State of the Church Address
In Transit - Asking for Directions
In Transit - Road Rage
In Transit - Recalculating
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In Transit - Routine Maintenance
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In Transit - Communion
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Torn - You vs. You
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Torn - Grace vs. Sin
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Torn - Faith vs. Reason
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Torn - Dreams vs. Pressure
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Find a Way
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Living Water
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Overflow to Grow
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Disconnecting without Disconnecting
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Dazed & Confused - Fatherhood
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Dazed & Confused - Sin & Purpose
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Dazed & Confused - Perseverance
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Dazed & Confused - Money
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Dazed & Confused - Identity
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Big Better - Big Ballin'
Big Better - Big Universe
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Big Better - Big Calling
Big Better - Big Bias
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Big Better - Big Fruit
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Big Better - Big Surprise (Easter)
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Big Better - Big Heart
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Big Better - Big Power
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Big Better - Big Gauntlet
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Big Better - Big Commitment
Big Better - Big Stretch
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Big Better - Big Plans
Yoked - Squatter's Rights
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Yoked - He Has Decided
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Yoked - Love on the Side
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Yoked - God is Pulling For You
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Vision Month - Groups
Vision Month - Participation
Vision Month - Life. Change. In Christ.
Getting Rich - Lead Us Not Into Temptation
Getting Rich - Forgive Us Our Debts
Getting Rich - Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Getting Rich - Let Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done

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