Little Citizens Preschool

Little Citizens Preschool is a new Christian preschool to the Valley. It is an affiliate and partner of
Citizen’s Church. We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health. We provide a safe, nurturing,
and risk-free environment filled with hands-on learning experiences. We combine age appropriate
experiences in reading, math, and social emotional development. LCPS strives for every child to know
that they are loved, special, unique, and created by God!
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Our passion is to help children learn the love of Christ and set a strong foundation for both their faith
and life. We believe that children learn best through experience, age-appropriate structures, and hands-
on learning with the guidance and nurturing of loving teachers and parents.

We believe that children are unique, created, and loved by God.
We believe that children learn best through authentic hands-on learning experiences.
We believe that all children should be shown respect from adults and peers.
We believe that a strong foundation in the early years will help a child be successful throughout life.


Spring 2021 •  Classes Start March 1st ** • Last day of class is May 20th
All Classes are Monday-Thursday • 9:00am - 1:00pm
Tuition is $1050 for the spring. It can be paid in full for a $50 discount or in 3 payments of $350. (Will be prorated for late arrivals)
**Start dates are dependent on LCPS getting licensed by that date. If we are unable to start then, tuition will be prorated.

3s class (must be 3 by 1/1/2021)

The classroom for 3 year olds is designed to help the children develop social skills: Making friends, awareness of self, and recognizing and expressing feelings. This is done through positive, nurturing interactions with peers and adults. Letters, numbers, early concepts of print, language development are all incorporated through conversation, literature, and experiences.

4s class (must by 4 by 1/1/2021)

The 4s classroom continues to develop the social skills and social emotional awareness skills. Through authentic interactions, they learn more awareness of self and emotions. Through the guidance of our wonderful teachers, they will learn to regulate and express their emotions, take turns, problem solving, and making friends. 4 year olds also have longer attention spans and their natural curiosity is expanding. Science, social studies, letters and numbers, beginning explorations of writing are all incorporated in the 4s classroom.


Karen Konetzni,
Little Citizens Preschool Director

For more information about classes or any questions you might have, please contact at 602-326-7672

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