Resources for Citizens Church Leaders

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How To Prepare and
Present Your Testimony
- Resource from Dave Cottrell, designed to help you in presenting your personal testimony or story about your relationship with Christ, to either one person or before a group.

Citizens Church Handbook- Providing answers for the Why, Who, What, and How of the purpose to which God has called us together.

Morning Rally Speaker Handout - Your role in helping our team to be Equipped, Encouraged, and Inspired to fulfill their unique role with joy and excellence.

Citizens Culture Handout - Who we are and what we do.

Citizens Organism Visual - Visual representation of the organizational structure within Citizens Church.

Team Leader Expectations- It is the job of the team leaders to equip the saints for the work of ministry and to employ systems that will enable the same.

How to Develop a Disciple - When someone asks you “Who are you developing” you should be able to immediately rattle off some names. Here’s how we do it.

New Ministry Request Form - Ensuring that your idea for a new ministry aligns with the mission, vision, values and priorities of Citizens Church.

Breaking 200 Course Summary- (one page) 8 key strategies to move your church well beyond the 200 attendance barrier.

Breaking 200 Course Guide - (full) 8 key strategies to move your church well beyond the 200 attendance barrier.

Ministerial Progression - The natural progression of involvement from visitor, to ordained elder. 

Speaker From - (must submit before preaching) To ensure that Citizens Church is well-represented according to our values, and to help you formulate your thoughts in a way that will best reach and minister to the audience at Citizens Church. 

Ministry Role Descriptions TEMPLATE - Clarifying WHAT the person is doing and WHY it matters.

Helpful Links

Maintenance Request Form -  If you need to report something within the building as broken or missing, please fill out this form.

Planning Center: Calendar - Master calendar and event request platform. Contact Bre if you need to request access.

Recommended Books

Team Dynamics
Church Approach
Spiritual Growth
Leadership Development

  Hero Maker - Dave Ferguson

Culture Code - Daniel Coyle

The Anatomy of Peace - The Arbinger Institute

Comeback Effect - Jonathan Malm

Church in the Making - Ben Arment

Mere Christianity - C.S. Lewis

Sun Stand Still - Steven Furtick

Power Through Prayer - E.M. Bounds

Moving Mountains - John Eldredge

Sun Stand Still - Steven Furtick

  Hero Maker - Dave Ferguson

Culture Code - Daniel Coyle

Power Through Prayer - E.M. Bounds


Bishop Thomas Devotionals

  • OKR Resources

    password: leaders

    To get a better understanding of OKR's, we recommend reading the book, Measure What Matters by John Doerr. But if you don't have the time, you can read this Executive Summary and become a quasi-pro


  • Planning Center Calendar (formerly "Resources")

    password: resources

    Quick overview on how to navigate the calendar, and also how to request rooms/resources for an event.

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