Put your money where your heart is.


Why I Give.

We need each other to get through this life. We need each other to build this church. Listen to some of our Model Citizens to understand why they have decided to support what God is doing through Citizens Church. 

Why the Church?

Supporting the work of ministry with financial donations is a biblical concept that weaves throughout the Old and New Testaments. Wherever God was moving, you see his people. And wherever you see his people, you see them giving. We believe that a culture of generosity is a blessing to everyone. 


General Fund

The general fund is our operating fund. It's where your regular recurring giving should go. We use this to continue the ongoing work of ministry; paying for administration, supplies, facility, and all other ongoing costs. 


We get a lot of requests for help. We do our best to determine who God is leading us to support, both inside and outside Citizens Church. Any money donated to Benevolence as a special offering will go directly to those in need. 


Our number one mandate as a church is the same for every church - to make disciples. The first step is outreach. That's why we've set up a special fund if you want to give above and beyond toward reaching new people for Christ. 

Ready to support what God is doing through Citizens Church?

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