day seven


God knows what you like and what you’re like. He knows how you were made and what you were made for. He’s created you to be like him, made in his image. In salvation, He’s provided a way for you to live like him. Through faith, by grace, He’s adopted you as a son or daughter and given you power to live a new life. Isn’t it incredible?! 

The reason most people have trouble living differently is that they have trouble accepting their new identity. That’s because with our earthly identity we feel we need to create it. But with God, it’s different. We don’t have to create anything, we simply have to walk in the new identity he’s given us. 

If you’re not sure what that identity looks like, just look to Jesus. You have been designed and saved to look and live just like Christ.
reflection questions
In what ways can you see that you’ve been made in the image of God?

In what ways do you feel inferior to Christ?

How can you overcome the disbelief that God intends for you to be just like Jesus?
action items
Write down at least 10 things that are true about you because God said so.
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