day six


The good news of the Gospel is that we have been saved from sin and given the gift of eternal life with Jesus! To summarize what you’ve been learning up to this point (and a great synopsis to share with your friends), here is the short and sweet of salvation.
God was motivated by love to create humans in his image, with a free will, so we could have a meaningful relationship with Him. Sin contaminated and separated us from God in his righteousness. The Father sent Jesus to be a sacrifice that would cleanse us of our sins and reconcile us back to himself. When we repent of our sins and put our faith in Jesus and what he did, we are given new life in Christ.

If you’ve done all that, then it’s time to stop focusing on what you’ve been saved from and start living into what you’ve been saved for!
reflection questions
Do you have trouble envisioning what new life in Christ looks like?

Why do you think God works so hard to have a relationship with us?

What is one thing that God totally changed in your life from old to new?
action items
Tell one person about at least one thing that your faith in Christ has changed in your life.
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