day five


Repentance is a word that means to turn away. God doesn’t just want us to feel bad when we do bad. He wants us to go in the opposite direction of sin. He wants us to be like Him, holy and blameless. The only thing that can make us righteous is our faith in Christ. That same faith leads us to repentance.

When we believe that God is holy and that he’s extended an offer to us to be like him, it generates a response to sin like He has. It makes us want nothing to do with it. So, repentance begins with a confession but actually involves more.

Repentance is the posture of a transformed heart that desires to be surrendered to God. It means we turn away from the old sins of our past, leave them behind, become a new creation in Christ, and live a new life.

Because new life is for your whole life, repentance isn’t just between you and God. It’s also between you and others. We often need to repent to the person we’ve sinned against or confess our sins to someone to keep us accountable in our pursuit of becoming like Christ.
reflection questions
Is there anything you’ve done to another person that you need to repent of?

Are there any patterns of sin that you haven’t fully given to God? 

Do you have any habits that keep you from living righteously?
action items
Find someone you can trust - a pastor, friend, or another believer - and confess at least one sin to him or her so you can be free from it.
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