day twenty


Most people would consider a person selfish if they were the only beneficiary of the fruit of their labor. If we are satisfied to hoard the benefits of our abilities, then we will never be able to understand or fully appreciate why Jesus came to earth, what constitutes sacrifice, what defines a hero or what world-changers have in common. The common denominator in world-changers is that their actions do not benefit themselves chiefly, but others.

Multiplication at its core is to benefit others. We multiply our influence, because we know that we cannot by ourselves touch everyone that needs a meaningful touch. We multiply disciples because we know that is the only way to reach the world. We teach others to do what we are able to do so that others can enjoy the same fruitfulness we enjoy. Any legacy worth sharing is a legacy of multiplied impact. 

The disciples did not understand why Jesus moved around so much since people continued to come to him in Galilee for healing. He said, “I must preach the good news of the Kingdom of God to other towns also, because that is why I was sent” (Luke 4:43). They were inferring that Jesus should stay since he was on a roll healing people. However, He saw that telling the message of the good news to others would multiply His influence and millions would be healed as a result. To influence others is rewarding. To expand your influence through others is world-changing.
reflection questions
What do you do well? How can you help others do that well also?

What are you doing that others benefit from more than you do?

How can you expand that to other areas of life?
action items
Ask God to help you understand how to expand your influence through others, then begin the journey of doing it.
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