day TWO


What’s all this for? And where do you fit? So many people are searching for meaning and purpose in life, but never find it. Fortunately, when you put your faith in Christ you are stepping into an eternal purpose that God has been orchestrating from the beginning of time. 

God wants his people to be holy and blameless, just like he is. He created us for the sole purpose of having a loving relationship with him. Once we get over our sin - through faith in Christ - we are positioned not only to be saved but to be sons and daughters of God! 

He is working things out in your life so that you can be built up - together with other believers - into something wonderful, someone just like Jesus. 

God’s plan for you is bigger than anything you could imagine. You find meaning in your life when you surrender to his will and let him lead you in wisdom and understanding. And it helps to be doing something just like this, learning and growing with other people who can help. That equals “Transformation Together”.
reflection questions
Is it hard or easy for you to believe that God has a plan for your life?
Is there anything in your life that you’ve put in the way of knowing God more?
How do you think you can develop a habit of seeking God’s plan?
action items
Ask God to reveal everything he has for you. Not just goals and activities, but hopes, dreams, healing, power, and a future!
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