day Seventeen


“There are no unimportant people who contribute little meaning to the church and world. Everyone is of equal value.” That is cliche in most organizations. It might be an organizational slogan or a core value. However, if you truly measure and evaluate the value of members on the basis of how people feel or what they see of their contribution, you would come up with a small number of people who feel highly valuable and sense that they make a meaningful contribution in their organizations, while others don’t. 

The church is very different. It is not a cliche or a slogan. It is how God sees us - of equal value as His creation; and equally important in role by the nature of His own distribution of gifts. Worldly measurement only takes into consideration the actual human talents of the individuals. We cannot repeat a slogan saying that everyone is of equal value and then proceed to act as though some members of an organization are expendable while others are not. 

Jesus said that those who want to be great will see themselves as servants. James said rich people are in a low position and poor people are in a higher position. Jesus throws the human standard on its head and even refers to Himself as a servant though everyone knew Him to be the consummate leader.

The key in the church is to help people see their purpose, gifting and the value of living from the posture of a servant. After all, everyone can serve and that is what everyone does with their gifts- edify and build others up. Paul went to great lengths to explain this elevation of every person and every person’s contribution. The danger for the church is when people fail to understand their value or know and use their gifts and thereby leaving a virtual hole in the church by their indolence or indifference. That hole is real. The church is a family, fellowship and community- not a business. So, every person must understand their supreme value to God and others as well as know their gifts and exercise them vigilantly. Churches that thrive are those where everyone is doing their part by the power and leadership of the Holy Spirit. Churches that languish are like worldly organizations which claim that all people are valuable but find it acceptable and unnoticed if certain members contribute little or nothing.
reflection questions
What has God called me to be?

What has God gifted me to do?

How am I living (being and doing) to ensure that I am a useful servant of God and the church?

How do I serve others the best?
action items
Ask God to help you understand and use your gifts. Start viewing yourself as you view every other person should see themselves - as servants.
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