day sixteen


You were made for more. Does that phrase motivate or discourage you? Does the idea that you are special remind you of your inadequacies, or pump you up for a challenge? 

Regardless of how you respond to the idea that you were created for a purpose in this life that is bigger than you are, it’s true. The one who does not embrace this reality will become depressed. The one who embraces it with pride will become distorted, but the one who embraces this great calling with humility will achieve it. 

God has made you for more than the pursuit of happiness. He’s called you into an eternal relationship with Him and to become part of a global organization that has the opportunity to affect every person on the planet, tending to their emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, with the power to transform entire families, communities, cities, and nations. 

Your purpose is found by surrendering to God’s will and living into the love and good works he’s called you to, as part of his Church.

You were made for SO. MUCH. MORE!
reflection questions
Have you ever done something that has affected another person’s life?

Is it hard for you to think about doing something great? Why so? 

What do you think about this statement: “When you doubt your ability, you’re actually doubting God’s ability”?
action items
Write down all the things you’ve done in your life that you didn’t you could do before you did them. Think hard. Then, write down all the things you would love to do, if only God could help you.
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