day fourteen


Whatever or whomever is important to you and you want to know or understand better will be the subject of intense study and investigation. If you are fascinated with stars, you will be drawn to the study of astronomy. If you are passionate about understanding good leaders and desire to become one yourself, you will read biographies of them and study principles underlying their greatness. It goes without saying, that if you have been saved by God and understand Him to be the author and finisher of life, you will want to know as much as you can about Him, His desires for your life, what He expects from you and what His promises and commands entail. 

Personal connection with Him and study about Him are the only ways to gain the knowledge you seek. Prayer is one leg that will help you personally know God more. Study is the leg that will help you know more about the character of God and His expectations of those who seek Him. Spend time studying Scripture, reading books that add clarity, digging deeply into a history that is rich with those who have lived well, dealt with problems successfully and shaped the lives of those around them. Study begins with curiosity that leads to investigation leading to deepening knowledge and resulting in exhilarating application. 

The first half of Psalm 19 tells us that to know the creation well will inevitably help us to know the Creator better. The second half tells us that to know God’s law/commands is to open up the secrets of successful living. In both cases, we are implored to dive deeply into that which reveals the nature and character of God and what He expects from us. So, start the deep dive into everything that will deepen your faith, instruct your mind and shape your will to know and serve God better.
reflection questions
What do you want to know better?

How are you going about learning more?

What tools do you have or need to grow in your knowledge of God, His world, what pleases Him and how to live well?
action items
Build a regimen that includes the full use of the study tools at your disposal. Seek someone who has learned more than you and can help you in that journey. We select our teaching by our selection of teachers.
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