day thirteen

The Holy Spirit

Jesus, our Lord, knew it was safe to leave his disciples because he knew the Father would send another Comforter - the Holy Spirit - who would amplify everything Jesus did and fill us with God’s very presence. Beyond “God with us” (Immanuel), the Holy Spirit provided “God in us” (John 14:17; Acts 2:4; 4:31). John 13-17 is where Jesus had his final conversation with his disciples before his arrest, flogging and crucifixion. We call this passage “The Upper Room Discourse.” 

In that discourse, Jesus painted a very clear picture that even though he would be gone, the disciples would not be disadvantaged. In fact, Jesus noted that the Holy Spirit would comfort, convict, teach, remind, convince, fill and make righteous those who would follow Jesus. Then, when the Holy Spirit came in power (Acts 2:4), he began to empower the disciples as Jesus promised with a power that surpassed what they had when they were walking beside Jesus himself. 

People sometimes wrongly assume that the Holy Spirit is a power or a force or some influence coming from God. No. The Holy Spirit is God just as Jesus and the Father are God. He unites us and creates a bond among Christians that cannot be provided by anyone or anything else - a bond that transcends race, age, gender, nationality, language and culture. He gives us wisdom and challenges us to live obedient lives. Remember, the Holy Spirit is one with Jesus and the Father. So, the character you see in the Son and the Father, you will see in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit enables Christians to live with power and with distinction from all other people on earth. Seek the fullness of the Holy Spirit and you will be full. Without Him, you will never be full.
reflection questions
In what ways do you feel powerless?

What knowledge do you lack?

What passions do you possess?

What gifts have you been given to exercise?
action items
Seek the Holy Spirit’s filling to enable you to grow in all of the areas mentioned above.
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