day twelve


Power is a paradox. The more we pursue power instead of pursuing God the less power we possess. Conversely, the more we pursue God instead of pursuing power, the more of God we have and the more power we possess - power over sin, self-inflicted pride, discouragement, need for approval, faulty images of success, sickness and death. The apostle Paul was constantly bragging about his low position, weakness, inability and frailty. Jesus clearly inferred and verbally stated again and again that our posture should be humility, our attitude should be that of a servant and our desire should be to exalt God and bless others rather than advance our own cause. To apply our power to save our life is ironically to lose our lives. Divesting ourselves of power is what opens the door to possessing it. It is odd, paradoxical and makes little worldly sense. 

As a result, most people ignore what Jesus and the Bible clearly admonish us to do and instead try to gain power or security through position, possession and influence. The end result is the evaporation of any position that matters, any possession that is eternal and any influence that changes lives. Do you want power over your problems? Do you want to have sufficient resources and diminished worries? Do you want to make a significant mark in this life? Then give it up to God and let him replace your pursuit with him. The Bible talks over and over again about power (355 times in the Bible). The most frequent mention of it has to do with what God possesses and what he chooses to give to those who serve him. That is where real power is birthed and how it is lived out. When we have God, we have access to his power - the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through us. G.K. Chesterton said, “There are two ways to have enough: the first is to continually acquire more and more; the second is to continually desire less and less.” People who pursue power never have enough. People who pursue God will never lack power in their lives and over their circumstances.
reflection questions
Have you ever pursued position, possession or influence that has left you feeling as though you will never have enough?

What happens when we surrender and let God fight our battles from His strength?

Can you identify with Paul who said, “When I am weak, then I am strong?” How?
action items
Palms up! Pray in this posture surrendering everything you hold onto regarding position, possession and influence. Give it to God and let him fill the false power vacuum with the power of the Holy Spirit over your surrendered life. Give something that you think you cannot live without and see what God does.
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