day eleven


Prayer is no less than talking and listening to God. Children can do it and wise people need to do it. It is not complex. We do not need an instruction manual to talk to others. We do not need one in talking to God. We should do it daily. 

However, the biggest mistake people make is that they see all efforts to talk to God as essentially the same. But, not all prayer is even prayer. As simple as it is, the Bible says much about how to pray effectively. Jesus said we must persevere and believe when we pray. Peter said if husbands do not respect their wives, they should not expect answers to prayer. The Psalmist said that if we cherish sin in our hearts, God will not listen to us. Moses quoted God as saying that if people do not desire to do his commands, then God will turn a deaf ear to our prayers. The Bible tells us that if we doubt in prayer, we shouldn’t expect to receive from the Lord. I am sure the disciples knew their deficiency. So, they asked Jesus to teach them to pray. So, how do we pray well? 

Effective prayer comes from a person who believes in God, seeks to do His will, loves him and is ready to confess their own sin and live obediently to whatever God reveals in prayer and His word. Prayer, from people like that, is a powerful thing. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished in prayer. There are no walls too high or obstacles too difficult for God to overcome. Pray like a child- with simple belief, expectation and with a clean heart. Do not just ask for stuff. Conversation is not like that; neither should prayer be like that. Pour out your complaint, offer thanksgiving, seek wisdom, ask for things, confess sin, seek forgiveness, plead for revelation and petition God on behalf of others. There is plenty to talk about and we all need to listen more to God. He has a lot to say to us. Whatever you do, believe deeply, seek God supremely and watch intently for God’s answers.
reflection questions
How often do you pray?

What do you usually pray for?

How can your prayer expand?

What impediments to prayer need to be removed in your life?
action items
Deepen your conversation with God. After you have offered prayer to the Lord, listen intently for His answers. Then look for ways to follow up and do what He asks you to do. The more we act upon prayer, the more we will see answers to it.
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