day one


Jesus talks a lot about faith. He pins so much of our ability to be healed, to know him, to be saved, and so much more on our faith in him. The apostle Paul doesn’t shrink back from it in his letters to the Church either. He claims that our salvation, our purpose, and our joy all come through faith in Christ. 

There is a lot of room for doubt in the teachings of Christianity over the years. Creation vs evolution, the problem of pain, the seeming distantness of God, and other concerns all cloud people's ability to believe in God. And even though a lot of brilliant people have posited many great answers to these questions, the Enemy is still trying to convince us that our doubt should eliminate our faith. 

But it comes down to this, you either believe that Jesus Christ was who he claimed to be, or you don’t. Once you have the assurance - through the Holy Spirit - that Jesus was a real person and the son of God, and that the story of his death and resurrection are real, there is no turning back!
reflection questions
Do you believe that Jesus is the son of God? 

Have you received the assurance of the Holy Spirit? 

Who can you reach out to help you put your faith in Christ?
action items
Putting your faith in Jesus is simple. Simply confess your sins and your need for a savior, then let him be Lord of your life by believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that he is Lord. Go ahead, do it right now, out loud. Jesus Christ is Lord!

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