day twenty-one

Next Steps

Imagine a God so great he could speak the universe into existence. Imagine a God who holds the balance of the planets in his thoughts. Imagine the intricacy and strain it takes to contain the elements of an atom, in countless atoms, all spinning perfectly, containing enough power in the microscopic item to destroy our world 1,000,000 times over. It blows your mind.

That’s how great our God is. Beyond our wildest imaginations. And yet, he’s given us a book to instruct us. He’s given us his Spirit, to guide us. He’s given us his Son, to redeem us and to call us into a new life with limitless possibilities!

The next steps you can take on your journey with God are endless, exciting, and eternal.

We encourage you to not do life alone, get past the surface, and keep on pursuing the God who made you in the context of the Church he made for you.

He’s building something beautiful and you are part of it. Keep stepping!
reflection questions
What have you learned in the last 21 days?

How will you live transformed because of how you’ve been informed?

How can you help someone else follow Jesus better?
action items
Invite a friend to go through this 21 Days of Transformation, and be available to talk through the questions with them.
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