Life. Change. In Christ.

We Are

  • Citizens of Heaven

    Looking upward and Citizens of Phoenix living outward
  • People of Prayer

    We pray to a God whose Spirit moves powerfully in all circumstance.
  • People of Truth

    We study the inspired scriptures of God to live our lives by divine moral truth.
  • People of Worship

    We surrender ourselves and our lives in exuberant worship to our King.
  • Hungry

    We yearn for more of God’s presence and power in obedience to his commands.
  • Relational

    We express our faith through relational community, valuing close friendships.
  • United

    We lock arms to stand and serve with each other through every season.
  • Tireless

    We work hard in partnership with God to expand his reach and reveal his glory.
  • Generous

    We steward God’s blessing with lavish allotment to his purposes and people.
  • Love

    We love God, so we love others and live in a grace-filled, honoring community.

We Say

  • Reaching Neighbors, Revealing Christ

    Because we know that they need God as much as we do, and we’re not afraid to share Him.
  • This is about changing lives

    Because relationship with and belief in God begins - and continues - to transform us in every possible, positive way.
  • Be a part of it

    Because the invitation for God’s power and presence in your life is open to all, regardless of past experience or current struggles.
  • Heaven on earth

    Because we want to see all of the goodness of his heavenly Kingdom on earth.
  • The church is a hospital not a courtroom

    Because this is a place where you will be healed instead of judged and cared for, not condemned.
  • The church is a rowboat not a cruise ship

    Because we’ll only get to where we’re going if we’re all actively rowing.
  • The church is an organism not an organization

    Because we care more about people than protocol and purpose than procedure.

We Value

  • Authentic Relationships

    We are committed to being real with each other as we make connections that will last a lifetime.
  • Motivating Love

    Out of love for God flows a love for others that motivates us to express love in practical ways.
  • Entire Truth

    We desire to present the fullness of a biblically accurate gospel message to the people of Phoenix.
  • Vibrant Worship

    Each week we desire to join together and engage in heartfelt, spirit-led worship of our God.
  • Fervent Prayer

    Out of thankfulness, adoration, and supplication we wish to entreat God to move powerfully among us.
  • Unlimited Generosity

    Born of love and necessitated by circumstance, we provide lavishly for the Church and others.
  • Universal Serving

    Everyone who joins Citizens will be empowered to plug into purpose and work on building the Church.
  • Powerful Experience

    We seek the presence of the Holy Spirit and his gifts, providing real experiences with a personal God.
  • Ongoing Discipleship

    From seeking the lost to maturing the faithful, our goal is to see people grow closer to Christ.


Ben and Jennie Forsberg have been married for 15 years. After starting a family, they planted Citizens Church in 2013. They've enjoyed working hard and living fully in the context of healthy community. 

Their four kids - Sedona, Finley, Juliette, and Freeman - are homeschooled and very active at Citizens. 

Ben is Bi-vocational, also serving local businesses and ministries as a content development and marketing service provider. As Lead Pastors Ben and Jennie's "3 Things" are: 1) Direction, 2) Discipleship, and 3) Communication. 

Jennie is the one in the family who does the heavy lifting of teaching their kids. At Citizens, she is the Creative Team leader and is involved with Little Citizens and LIFT Women's Ministry. 

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We’ll cover some of the big stuff to get you up to speed, but if you really want to know what we believe, you’ll have to come and get to know us, make a connection, and build a relationship. Hopefully, you’ll see the following ideas, lived out on a daily basis.

At a high level, we believe

God is the creator of all things.

God desires relationship with those He has made in his image – that’s us, humans.

God’s preeminent desire is for humanity to be reconciled to Him so that we may enter into a love relationship with Him.

He sent his Son, Jesus, to make that happen.

By belief in and confession of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, we are redeemed of our sins and are able to enter into relationship with God.

The Holy Spirit is God’s presence on earth, providing power, revelation, counsel, comfort, and conviction.

Spiritual gifts exist for the edification of the Church, and we should desire them.

We express our love to God by keeping his commands, most important of which, is loving others.

Jesus called all believers in Him to be one – that is, the Church.

The Church is God’s representative on earth – His Body.

At Citizens Church we believe that the Church is the best place for us to be if we want to be consistently and powerfully consumed by a love relationship with God. The Church is the vehicle God has chosen to accomplish his works in this world. We believe that we are a part of it…and we want you to be part of it, too!

We're located just South of Thunderbird off 7th Street.

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