Getting started

Be encouraged everyday and keep on pursuing.

This series of 21 devotionals is designed to be used on an individual level, or as a resource for groups and interpersonal discipleship. We encourage you to find someone you can partner up with and share what you're learning and how you're growing together.
Each day has a short reading, some scripture to dive into, questions to consider, and an action to take. We encourage you to engage with every component for maximum impact. 


Join us in prayer each day as we seek to deploy the most powerful resource we have for true transformation - the power of prayer. 
  1. Increased trust in God and his provision
  2. Increase of the Holy Spirit’s presence and power
  3. Increased heart of love and compassion
  4. Submission to God’s authority and laying down of self
  5. Increased sensitivity to hearing God’s voice
  6. More conviction and repentance
  7. Reconciliation & restoration in relationships
  8. Increased harvest laborers & disciple-makers
  9. Revelation & passion for worship (privately & corporately)
  10. Wisdom for church leaders and government leaders
  11. Healing – emotional and physical
  12. Increased generosity and hospitality
  13. Social justice and heart paradigm changes
  14. Increased hunger to read and meditate on the Bible
  15. Deliverance from addictions & demonic strongholds
  16. Invite the Spirit of Truth, and reject and rebuke lies
  17. Clarity of God’s vision for your life - present and future
  18. Increase of patience and wisdom
  19. Deliverance from anxiety, depression, apathy, & isolation
  20. Increased unity and desiring success for others
  21. More hungry people, converts, & disciples


We see so many people in the Bible, including Jesus, fasting at various times for varying durations. People like Daniel self-imposed dietary restrictions. Jesus went without food for 40 days. Paul's letters are rife with encouragement to pray and fast. But what for? What's the point of being hungry or going without? 

The main goal of fasting is to decrease your dependence on the comforts of this world and increase your dependence on the nourishment and fulfillment of Christ. 

In other words, fasting helps us cut the ties we have with the world - habits, addictions, comforts - so we can surrender ourselves more fully to God. 

In that surrender, we find growth. In our weakness, we rely on his power. In our hunger, we grow an appetite for him. 

Fasting is a discipline, which means it takes time to get good at it, and it's not easy at first. But as with any discipline, the more you purpose to do it, the more you see the benefit of it. 

We recommend that you find an area of your life that you want to give up to God, and do without it. Maybe it's food, maybe it's certain foods. Maybe it's social media. The main goal is for us to build the discipline of doing without, so we can rely more fully on Christ.  

Let Us Know!

What are you fasting from and how can we be praying for you over the next 21 days?

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