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Why Serve?

We believe everyone was created to serve a purpose. God has uniquely gifted his people to live a life full of meaning in fellowship with one another. There is no better place to express your talents and skills than in the context of the local Church.

Serving Opportunities

Church attendance isn’t enough. You need to plug into purpose at Citizens. A great place to start is at our DNA Class, where you can learn about us as you find your fit and get equipped to serve. Below are a few of the main places that Citizens can spread their wings, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, let us know if there is another place you would like to soar.

First Impressions

Our greeting team offers volunteers an easy way to start serving. There are simple tasks and in-depth roles to suite almost anyone. It’s also a great way to meet new people, get connected, and help set a positive mood so people can engage in worship.

Little Citizens

As a Little Citizens volunteer you’ll have the greatest responsibility – helping the future generation cultivate a lasting relationship with God. You’ll introduce students to God through worship, teaching, your example, and fun activities.


As a spaces team member it’s your job to make sure the building is cleaned, organized, and ready to welcome in visitors. Every aspect of maintaining a clean and tidy church plays a very important role in creating an environment conducive to worship.


As part of the Media Team you’ll be able to express whatever skills you possess, from web development to video production, to graphic design – and everything in between. We need your talents, skills, and creativity to produce meaningful expressions of worship.

As Believers progress in their understanding of the faith and in spiritual discernment, we encourage them to pursue some of the more ministry-oriented serving opportunities. These positions require more training and close discipleship, but yield great opportunities to be a significant part of what God is doing through his Church. If you want to take a deeper step into ministry, please consider talking to someone about joining the prayer, worship, or discipleship teams.


As part of the Prayer Team you will have opportunity to seek God’s direction for this church while ministering to the needs of the Body. Anything we do will not matter if we are not of one accord, covered in the faithful prayers of the saints.


It’s way more than music. Worship is giving God the glory as we surrender every area of our lives to him. However, as a ministry team, we primarily express worship through music during our weekend services. Anyone with a surrendered and humble heart, and musical chops to match, should consider this team.


We believe that the entirety of the church experience – community, serving, giving, learning, and so on – are part of the discipleship process. This ministry team focuses on spiritual formation, education, and action, and encompasses groups, classes, resources, and one-on-one discipleship.


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