Reaching Neighbors. Revealing Christ.

Sundays at 10:00 AM

13206 N. 7th St. Suite 1 Phoenix, AZ 85022


Citizens Church has a vision to see Phoenix transformed as people draw closer to Christ.


We are on a mission to Reach Neighbors in practical ways and Reveal Christ through service, love, teaching, and relationship.

Citizens Culture

God is creating a culture at Citizens that guides our actions and steers our conversations.
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After several months of preparation and team-building we launched our first public worship service on January 20, 2013 at Lookout Mountain Elementary School in the Moon Valley neighborhood of North Phoenix. We first launched as “The Element” church but changed our name to Citizens after partnering with another church in our conference. This move gave us the opportunity to solidify our vision and call to this community.

Over the years we’ve experienced steady growth and deep relationship development as we’ve sought to serve our community and bring the truth of the gospel, expressed in love, to our neighborhoods. True to our core, our focus remains on building authentic relationships that lead to life transformation.


The Church is an organism, not an organization; which means we value people over policy and purpose over procedure.

We all play our part to bring transformation to this community, together.

Pastor Ben and Jennie Forsberg

Ben and Jennie are the planting pastors of Citizens Church, holding onto a passion birthed in them before we ever had our first service. Their strong value for building authentic relationships has shaped the culture at Citizens Church.

The Forsbergs love connecting with families and friends in this community. And their four, spirited, homeschooled kids make sure there is never a dull moment.

An entrepreneur at heart with a lifetime of church involvement, Ben’s passion for making disciples and developing leaders is displayed as he preaches, teaches, and inspires Citizens.

Jennie adds the creative flair. She is a shepherd at heart that loves to see people flourish as they follow God’s direction. She’s involved with kids and youth, and serves as Creative Director.

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Team Leaders



Jason & Jill Fiefield



Interim Leaders – Jason & Luis


First Impressions

Jen Rehse


Little Citizens

Karen Konetzni



Carson Dusek



Myron Mast


The Element Youth

Robbie Newton



Erin Lehr


Young Adults

Cein Byrne


LIFT – Women’s Ministry

Lindsay Stewart


Groups Coordinator

Ashley Stendera



Freeman Forsberg


Almost all our leaders serve in a volunteer capacity. But there are many more volunteers, both behind and in front of the scene, that make Citizens Church a great place to encounter God. We believe the church is more like a row boat than a cruise ship. So we encourage all believers to grab and oar and help us get where God is taking us.

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We are motivated by a core set of values that speak life into all our efforts.

Authentic Relationships

We are committed to being real with each other as we make connections that will last a lifetime.

Motivating Love

Out of our love for God flows a love for others that motivates us to express love to others in practical ways.

Entire Truth

Our hope is to present the fullness of a Biblically accurate gospel message to the people of North Phoenix.

Vibrant Worship

Each week we desire to join together and engage in heart-felt, spirit-led worship of the almighty God.

Fervent Prayer

Out of thankfulness, adoration, and supplication we wish to entreat God to move powerfully among us.

Unlimited Generosity

Born of love and necessitated by circumstances, we want to provide lavishly to meet other’s needs.

Universal Serving

Everyone who joins Citizens will be empowered not just to receive, but also to participate building the Church.

Powerful Experience

We seek the presence of the Holy Spirit and his gifts, providing real experiences with a personal God.

Ongoing Discipleship

From seeking the lost to maturing the faithful, our goals is to see people continually grow closer to Christ.

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